since I’ve written. My intention was to do a lot of writing especially after Lisa left on her month long excavation with the museum. Sadly that hasn’t happened until now. It has been a hectic three weeks. My boys would wake me up anywhere from 6:30 to 7 am and then sit around for two hours and watch tv while caught up on sleep in most cases. I was going to go back my regiment of eat better since my cholesterol is very bad, mostly because I ran out of simvastatin before we went to Wisconsin. We’ve moved into an apartment complex with a pool and workout facility and I was hoping to work out every day while my mom was here. That happened once. The rest of the time I was hobbling around after twisting my knee and hurting my back. There was a violent thunderstorm that set off the alarms in my apartment a week ago Saturday and when it rained again last night MIlan was very scared from the previous incident. I’ve been trying to reconnect with the dads group I was involved with when we first moved down here. That has actually gone well but since Meredith College didn’t renew my contract I need a job now more than ever. I still have the BN job but that really only pays for some of the food and not much else. All of the irons I had in the fire at the beginning of the summer burnt horribly and nothing has come to fruition. The Wake Tech job, the Meredith College contract. I even met a guy who teaches at NCSU who said to email him so I did and I never heard back. Now granted I never followed up because Lisa went to Utah and I got busy still that iron fizzled. Though I will probably try again soon.