to write another blog. It’s been an interesting week. My wife was off in Utah at a conference and while she was gone my oldest son decided not only to have one tooth fall out but two fall out on the same day. Well actually the second was helped along by his younger brother when he threw something at Milan and it hit him in the mouth. Man there was blood everywhere and both boys were crying. Milan was in obvious pain and it was hard to concentrate. Viktor was crying because Milan was crying. I managed to get the second tooth out and stop the bleeding and now he is missing two teeth. He was very excited to put them under his pillow. I had a hard time finding both teeth when I went to plant the good the Tooth Fairy let behind. I got a lot of nice responses to my query about what a tooth goes for these days. Most people said two bucks or a gold coin of some kind. I can’t remember what I got when my teeth fell out. I’m sure it wasn’t a dollar or more and I’m pretty sure that the money disappeared in my mom’s purse for safe keeping and I never saw it again. Milan promptly put his money in the piggy bank and went about his business of telling me that the Tooth Fairy came and that he was going to show off his missing teeth to his class.

One of my favorite movies, that I watch with my kids, is Rise of the Guardians. I really like the mythology that William Joyce the creator of the books has laid out for each of the childhood characters. When Easter came around my wife and I hid the eggs and candy all over the place and my boys had a field day. We said that the Easter Bunny had come around and left them lots of candy. So now with his teeth coming out I told him that the Tooth Fairy was going to come and give him a present under his pillow. He said just like in the movie. I agreed and it came true he was very happy. I don’t think that it mattered that the present the Tooth Fairy left behind wasn’t a dollar, or even two dollars, but it was the fact that she came by and left something just for him. He woke me up this morning shortly before six to show me what she had left and got me up to go down and put the money in the piggy bank. In the movie the Tooth Fairy was about memories and I know that I will cherish the memory of my son finding the eggs on Easter and the coin under his pillow.