So for the past week or so Milan is still pooping in his pants just not as much as before. Looked more watery to me than anything else probably because of the Mira-lax. Today however he had a solid poop in his pants. I hadn’t noticed until he was playing with some kids on the school playground and they were hiding under a tarp that covered the sand pit. I heard one kid say something like man it smells like poop under here. I knew then that it was Milan so I got him out and we went to the bathroom where he locked himself in the stall and I’m assuming sat on the toilet. I insisted that he only went pee but when he opened the stall door I noticed that was poop on the underside of the toilet indicating that it came from his underwear while it was pulled down around his ankles. So we went home and he pooped on the toilet and then took a shower. Viktor was asleep so he had plenty of time to wash up.
Tonight after diner I showed him that he was only going to get three gummies because that was all the stars he had and that Viktor was going to get eight. He took his gummies and went back to watching the movie Frozen. So it seems to me that even though I am showing him the different subjects and I’m trying to be encouraging and not negative, I just took his underwear and washed them in the sink next to him while he pooped before he took his shower, that he is content to get the gummies that he gets. He doesn’t seemed to notice or be concerned about the fact that he has poop and pee in his underwear. It doesn’t bother him at all. I think he would be fine with walking around with it all day if he had to. He knows that I or Lisa will take care of him when he comes home with a sore butt from long exposure to poop on his skin. Just a little Desitin and he’s on his way. He plays like nothing is wrong or has happened. Now I could be wrong about this assessment, I have no idea how long he had poop in his pants before the other kid mentioned something. It could have been he was pooping right then or maybe he had it in there for a while. I watched him on the play ground today while eating lunch with Viktor. Milan sat on the jungle gym for a while then got up and was playing basketball and on the swing and running around. When school was over and we went back onto the playground with a school mate and he played and had a lot of fun. I’m beginning to think that he pediatrician was right in saying that I should be putting him on the toilet after every meal. If he goes then great if not then I guess not. He goes when I notice that, after the fact, the poop in his pants. Course there is no guarantee that he will go if I put him on the potty versus holding because he is fighting me.