So I was sitting with Viktor waiting for his school to start and he is flipping through my phone looking at photos and starts to play a video that my wife took of Milan and my mom at the Shedd Aquarium back when he was like two I think or maybe almost three. You can hear my wife saying “What are going to see Milan?” and he responds in the cutest little voice “Dolphins”. I started to cry. Openly cry so much that I had to go into another classroom and get a kleenex. Viktor asked me why we were in the other classroom and I told him that I needed to blow my nose because I was crying. Then things got even worse when Viktor’s teacher opened the door and invited the kids in and Viktor picked up his bag and bucket of plastic easter eggs and kissed me goodbye.
I had a dream about loosing my boys, I think that is a fair interpretation of it I think. I’m trying to find them in a museum and I’m moving so slow. I had this feeling that I left them behind and I was rushing to get them. When I saw them I’m running down stairs but again I’m moving so slow and there are people in my way and I’m saying excuse me and then when I look up I can’t see my boys anymore. They have walked off. I’m a wreck this morning.