At home my oldest instantly wanted to watch something on TV. Usually he’s watching Pocoyo or Dinosaur Train but I have told the boys that the TV is ‘broken’ again. I got the feeling this weekend that my oldest is not listening to his body when it comes to going to the bathroom, or me for that matter, because he was consumed by watching TV. So I’m putting an end to this. Off went the TV and now my boys are besides themselves. They are still constantly asking to watch a movie, which to them means watching a TV show like Dinosaur Train. Normally I’m not this bad since I like DT, it’s very educational and it’s an area of interest for me and my wife. But it seems like watching TV is all my kids want to do and rather than listen to them whine about it, I blacked it out forcing them to play with their toys. It worked pretty well before but we went back to watching TV for a family night and then it was like all they wanted to do was watch TV. I give it a week and they will ask for it less and less again. Puts a kibosh on family movie nights but I think it is a good thing. Like Dr. Scott the Paleontologist says in DT; Get outside, get into nature and make your own discoveries.