I have been trying all week to not ask my oldest about his pooping issues. I’m just supposed to let him recognize when to go and let him go. If it’s in his pants then let him go in his pants I guess. Well after his ‘cleansing’ he is still not taking the time to poop until after its in his pants. Today he smelled a bit so when we got back from Costco I told him he needed to change, which he did, but he didn’t wipe his butt he just put new underpants and shorts on. Later, after we had gone out a second time, I told him he needed to change his pants again because he smelled. He hemmed and hawed about it while sitting on the toilet. I told him that I was proud of him for not putting so much poop in his underwear, he smiled at me but then put his head on my knee like he wants to ignore whats coming next, which is ‘did you poop?’ He wants to take showers now rather than wipe himself too. I let him because the poop was all over his butt. After a while in the shower I told him he needed to wash up but he started to whine about soaping his body. I tried to explain to him that the shower is a place to clean your body not to play in but he whined even more. I stopped the shower and soaped him up, I even went into his butt which he hadn’t washed out. I had to soap my hands down a couple of times. Anyway we finished that and then he put on his jammy’s and then ate dinner and watched a movie. He has taken to telling me he loves me a lot. Not sure if he is unsure of my love for him or if he is hoping to avoid answering the question about the poop. I didn’t mention it at all, which was hard because while I was trying to read him and his brother stories to night he was flip flopping around like he was uncomfortable. When I asked him if he was in pain or anything he didn’t answer. It’s frustrating and sad.