Today my oldest son went back to school in the mornings. Due to so many days canceled by Wake County schools back in February, MCC decided to extend the days by a half hour. I think it will work out well because it will give me an extra half hour or so to get some stuff done at Meredith.

So today I picked up him up and we went to the grocery store to get some lunch meat for younger son since he will be going to school tomorrow and will have lunch there. After that we went to Barnes and Noble to play around with the Nook’s. The boys like to play Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja. I told the boys that I needed to go to the bathroom so we went and my youngest went without me asking him. I went and I told my oldest that I wanted him to try and pee. He whined about it but finally went into the stall, locked the door and went. Turns out he went poop and when he was finished he wanted me to help him take his underwear off because he has soiled them. I told him that I would put toilet paper in there and we would have to come home. We stayed at the bookstore a little longer and finally came home. He pooped and wiped himself but he whined about it and will need to change his clothes.