So my oldest son is having some pooping issues. I feel that most of it started when I began forcing him to wipe his own butt as well as him starting preschool. I think that he does well in preschool, so well that he is just not pooping any more. At first it seemed as though he just wasn’t wiping, then I went to see someone about this and the suggestions they gave me led him to hate me and fear pooping all together. I took him to the doctor to see if he had a physical problem pooping and she said no we just need to clean out his system and reset it. So I gave him Merilax and he pooped a lot in his pants, which is what he’s been doing this whole time. I stopped giving him that and he still poops in his pants. The Dr. said to put him on the toilet at regular intervals and the woman at Project Enlightenment said not to remind him to poop, just let him feel it on his own. She is going to recommend a child psychologist to see if he can not be afraid to poop and remember to poop. It’s like he feels it, holds it back until he’s ready to poop rather than poop when he needs to and keep going. Like he might miss something by pooping sooner rather than later. I haven’t put him on the toilet regularly but I have asked him if he needed to poop. He hides his butt when I ask him and then after he’s gone in his pants he’s like, did you bring any more pants? Today I go to Hemlock Bluffs and he looks like he needs to go so we go and he pees but I notice that his butt is dirty so I make him sit down and his pants are all messed up. So I tell him we will change when we get home because I didn’t bring any pants. We get home he changes and things are good the rest of the night. He pooped right before putting on his jammy’s. So I think we are back to square one with him. It will be a slow process but hopefully a rewarding one. Hopefully I will learn something about myself on this path.