Well that basically amounts to just about everything. I have just finished The Lady in the Lake. I have started The Maltese Falcon, Dark Streaks and Empty Places, Stalking the Angel, The Ninth Dominion, Red Harvest, Billy Straight, Requiem for a Glass Heart, and Darkness Take My Hand. This last one is by Dennis Lehane. I have read three of his books and I have found that he is an excellent writer but it seems as though all of his books have a rather disturbing underlying subject; child molestation. I understand that that happens in real life and that it was pretty taboo when Raymond Chandler and Ross Macdonald were popular, still I must have been lucky or unlucky however you want to look at it to have read three of Lehanes books where the molestation happens. I have read A Drink Before the War, Mystic River, and Gone Baby, Gone. That last one is the worst. Having kids at the time that I read the book made me cringe with the story line and yet I finished the book and have sought out all of his books and am looking forward to reading The Given Day and finishing Darkness. Still I have to say that I am slightly disturbed by the trend in this authors books and it makes me want to only read the classic authors more. I have The LIttle Sister out and The Zebra-Striped Herse and Sugartown by Loren Estleman as well as Deep Shaker by Les Roberts and those books by the jazz drummer Bill Moody. Now I just need to sit down read them. Sure no problem when I have to take care of two kids and teach classes and try and write everyday, which I am woefully behind in doing.