So my throat has been sore since Friday morning. My wife says that it’s probably just a sore throat and that it will go away. So I tried to shine a flashlight down my throat this afternoon and low and behold what do I see? there are white blotches all over my throat. So now I’m concerned. It could be strep throat, in which case I will need antibiotics or it could be tonsillitis, which is not really treatable. I may have to deal with this pain for several weeks. Ugh, not swallowing makes it difficult to eat and I can’t eat anything basically, it hurts to much. If I had to chose between suffering with a runny nose and headaches from sinus pain and all that or a sore throat, I think I would chose the former rather than the latter. It makes it hard to concentrate on things like taking care of my kids. We are getting ready to go on this big trip back home for a month and it would suck if I have this sore throat thing for the entire time we are on vacation. I will continue with gargling with the salt water and drinking lots of fluids.